Imagine you and 7 of your closest friends…One will be diagnosed with Breast cancer at some time in their lives.. 1 in every 8 women are now being diagnosed with breast cancer.

Those are the very morbid odds that we are now living with. I apologize for starting this way – but awareness is the start to help finding a cure. 

Every year 50,000 mothers, daughters, sisters and wives will be newly diagnosed with breast cancer and 12,000 women still die, with millions continuing to live with its long-term impact.*




We have all received Facebook messages each year to place funny little messages in our statuses for BREAST CANCER awareness month – from the color of our bras, to weird sentences –  all to bring awareness IN-directly to this cause.

But how many of us can honestly say that they took action? Personally I thought it was amusing but once the hype was over I forgot all about it.

So now as mothers, as women it is our duty to take action for ourselves, our family and our children.

We are all very aware of what Cancer is but we rarely take the action  for early detection and motivate others to do the same.

So it is true that 1 in 8 women will be detected – but there is a 98% Survival rate in early detection – those are odds we need to work with.


1- Take an appointment with your doctor  take the cervix and breast cancer tests – Do not skip!

2- Try these very simple Five Steps of a Breast Self-Exam that you should do at home: http://www.breastcancer.org/symptoms/testing/types/self_exam/bse_steps

3- Empower and Educate your friends and loved ones to do the same.

October is dedicated to Breast Cancer Awareness – but let it be part of your routine all year round.

Early Detection can save lives.

Help create awareness! Share! Inform! Fight!

Good Luck Super Moms!

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