Can Art Change the World?

“Have you ever asked yourself if ART can change the world? …….Could a painting put an end to wars?” – Zeina El Khalil excert from TEDXxHyderabad  (2015)


Interesting questions this vibrant Lebanese artist has been asking for years. Zena el Khalil believes in the positive impact that art can have on the world.

During the 2006 invasion of Lebanon, Zena was one of the first largely followed Middle Eastern bloggers; her writings published in the international press, including the BBC, CNN, and Der Spiegel. The entire Guardian G2 supplement in July was dedicated to her blog, Beirut Update.

In May 2008, Zeina was invited by the Nobel Peace Center to participate in a conference on freedom of expression over the internet.



5 years ago, she started a journey creating a series of paintings, sculptures, sound and video works, and a large-scale installation – dedicated  to transmute negative energy residues into works of love and light.  As to the installation it’s a memorial to the 17,000 people still declared missing during our civil war.

The exhibition taking place at Beit Beirut ( named “Sacred Catastrophe : Healing Lebanon”. 

Beit Beirut, As you may know, this beautiful yellow war torn building in Sodeco, was once home to militias and snipers, and is located on what was “the Green Line” or the former demarcation line that split the city of Beirut during the civil war.

For 40 days, Zena el Khalil’s personal exhibition, accompanied by numerous events (workshops, conferences, performances, concerts, debates), will animate Beit Beirut, a symbol of the troubled history of Lebanon’s war.

The exhibition is free for all people of all ages
Make sure to visit this exhibition starting on 18th September and continuing for 40 days (until 27th October) – for more details please visit  as this exhibition aims to transform what was once a symbol of violence, this former killing machine, into a platform for peace and reconciliation.
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