How safe are we – and how easy is it for strangers to get our personal info!

Usually only share positive and inspiring things – but yesterday something happened that really bothered me and thought sharing may give you awareness.


I was visiting my grandma in Zalka yesterday and parked my car. After 10 minutes I get a phone call on my cell from a man threatening that if I don’t move my car he will call the baladiyeh and a couple of threats here and there, etc… Asked him who it was and he wouldn’t give his name. I went down moved it – where he was waiting to try to continue to threaten and thinking that I should be scared.

Gave him a large piece of mind because threatening is not the first path one should take – especially that his family has been our neighbors for over 30 years. No need for details but I shouted at him a lot – noting that he didn’t want to park any car just wanted to keep it empty. Which is his right as he technically has rented the space – but a little respect would have been nice.

The thing that scared me more and why I’m sharing is was how easy it was for any stranger to get my personal number and harass me. He got my full name and address, and tried to scare me by not stating his name and talking in a way as if he was calling from a police station – he was just a “boy” bored at home in his pjs. (He is in his mid-20s so technically an adult?)


Now really checking all my privacy settings in all apps even facebook to make it less easy to have some future stalker scare me or my children.

He got my number from my car license plate. So don’t even know how to protect myself from that.

Just be careful moms. And what you share. Re check your privacy settings on all social media.



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