Never Lose Faith.

There were times when I didn’t feel there was a “greater power”.

There are events that happen in our lives that make us doubt ourselves, and doubt everything around us.

Sunday 8th January,2017, was and will always be the worst day of our lives. I didn’t want to live, breathe or think anymore… and sometimes I still feel that way… but then again if you have faith you will survive…

2 weeks after we lost our princess, a miracle happened… I found out I was pregnant.

The emotional roller-coaster that we were all sent on in the following months is still indescribable.

My husband and I were planning for more kids, but had never thought that it had actually happened!

And if it did not happen before Adriana left us, I don’t think we would have ever thought of more children after that.

But again, God works in mysterious ways.

Now 22 weeks later, we are expecting a princess, a true gift from God, and we thank him for this gift everyday. 

So when you feel that the world has gone darker, meaningless or too painful… keep the faith and never stop believing…

No one will ever take another child’s place.

Adriana will never be replaced, but she will be the best big sister anyone could ever ask for.

Never lose hope. Never lose faith.

Good luck Super Mamas….




Yasmina Audi

Super Mama Lebanon

Mom of 3 Living in Beirut, Lebanon

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