Putting an end to all the ROADSTER re-branding drama…

My husband and I had our first date at Roadster Diner. He ordered a Burger Quesadilla and I ordered a Green Steak Salad (of course, a salad on the first date 🙂 ).

A few kids later … and a few menus later, both our favorite items have been discontinued, but Roadster Diner is still the first place we think of going on a family outing..

I think we all have personal memories that has rooted a bond between us and this restaurant chain and concept… so I personally understand the shock and awe that happened now that they launched their new look…

It’s human nature to resist change at first.

Getting used to a certain routine or image, gives you “security” and a sense of stability that what we all crave… so it’s completely natural all the backlash Roadster Diner has received since launching its new look in the BACKYARD HAZMIEH branch.

Being a big fan of the franchise (a loyal Roadster-ian), and with a 15 year marketing background working with a few restaurant franchises along the way, I wanted to play the devil’s advocate today.

 To give my personal feedback on what I think, after reading the numerous comments, and blog posts that a majority are writing out of passion and love for the brand…


1950’s inspired diner versus the URBAN new restaurant look

With the new restaurant look launched in the BACKYARD, while visiting the other locations I started paying more attention to the differences.


The 1950’s was a really cool decade, with icons such as Elvis and Marilyn Monroe, the music, the jukebox, the  flashy clothes and mood.

All of these are perfectly represented in the Roadster Diner concept we embraced for so many years.

The flashy, loud walls to the bold colors to the whole feel of the place.

Roadster City Center Beirut... the iconic jukebox
Roadster City Center Beirut… the iconic jukebox


The flashy walls

Roadster diner bar

But now it’s 2016, do I want my favorite restaurant stuck in the 1950’s? 

Just as they are continuously evolving and adapting to the customers needs and wants, by launching new items and new menus, it was only a matter of time Roadster and takes a time leap to the present day.

Evolving to fit our URBAN contemporary lifestyle – the NEW ROADSTER LOOK & FEEL


Note: Urban means living in the city, in comparison to rural which is living in the country (villages,etc). 

And with the fast changing and constantly evolving city life we all live in, and the global market trends, it was about time ROADSTER got out of the time capsule and joined us in 2016.

Once your shock of the complete change surpasses, you will start to enjoy the simpler and more cosy atmosphere, the neutral colors and ambiance they offer.

A break from the fast busy life we live now, that wasn’t this fast in 1950 🙂

Going to a restaurant is a multi-sensory experience – of course the FOOD and SERVICE are your number 1 priority, but how you feel throughout the experience is what it’s all about.


With the new look, you are no longer distracted by the many photos on the walls. The loud and contrasting colors and just go back to basics.. a Casual and Fresh new look.


In any business, if a product is not selling or reaching the minimum sales target, it should be either discontinued or replaced. ROADSTER is not the first restaurant nor the last to evolve its menu, and in the end there is a minimum number of recipes and platters a single kitchen can sustain…

So did we take it personally that our dishes were discontinued… maybe at first, but it was good as it was time to try something new…

But one of the major arguments and posts loyal Roadster-ians are commenting on are the increase in prices…

The prices – did they increase?

You can check out the Full new menu on their Facebook page  – and if you have an old delivery menu at home I would suggest you do a little comparison exercise yourself.

What we usually order (in brief):

When I crave a burger I choose the Fit N Burger which is still the same price, as is the Grain Chicken Burger, while the Everslim was discontinued. But they added a new range of Healthy Salads for a light and healthy meal. Such as the Kale Caesar Salad, or Kale Chicken Wasabi  – to entice your taste palette.

the plate and salad bowl have changed but the burger is still the same price.
The plate and salad bowl have changed but the burger is still the same price and portion.


When my almost 9-year-old son ordered the Kids Pasta, his first reaction was “why so little?” – but it’s all about perception.

Before the pasta came in a bowl on a big plate – now the same portion on a flat medium plate – and still the same price.


I personally think that the change in the plates and cutlery is what is giving everyone the impression that the portions have been reduced.

When I first ordered the TUNA’OA – I called the waiter and asked him where the rest was! But the plate is shaped in a way making it narrow and deep, so the portion looks smaller.  (tip: also ask for extra sauce on the side as the quinoa tends to absorb it quickly) 



What you might feel will hurt your wallet a little, are a few new items that they have launched … And if you are a loyal Roadster-ian like us, we are all eager to try something new, you might have felt a difference in the bill at the end.

Blooming Shrimp absolutely delicious but for 15,250 LL I will leave it for a special occasion 🙂

But simply, all the famous items we have grown to love over the years are still there, and a few new ones we will grow to love. 

The chairs and walls may be changing, but the memories we will continue to share as a family and our friends, will still be there. 

The plates and presentation have changed, but the taste and good mood they bring is still there. 

Our favorite diner has evolved and joined us in the new century, it will take a little time to get used to the new look… but in the end it’s FRESH… CASUAL … and YOURS….


Enjoy !



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