What “Life Goes On” really means….

Losing someone you love, is the most painful experience you can go through…

Losing your own child, so suddenly, so quickly … no words can ever express this form pain…

But the sun is still rising.

We still have to wake up every single morning without her laughter and curly hair…and continue living…somehow..

I remember as we were driving to the funeral, looking out at the shops that were opening in town, people were on their way to work, and there it was… life goes on…

We received hundreds of condolences from all around the world… and for each person that took the time to pray with us and send their love … Thank you…

I received so many messages on how strong they thought we were … but we’re not.

We are just surviving…as any other person would do the same… as suicide and giving up are not options.

My true prayers and thoughts are to all the beautiful super moms that are sitting by their sick and dying children. You are the true super moms. You are the true warriors.

Understanding that our little princess is no longer with us, is something we will never get over. 

But we still have to wake up.

We still have to go to work.

We still have to eat and sleep and live.

Understanding that, is the best way we can honor our angel everyday.


Adriana is in a very special place. We can’t be with her yet, but I know that she is protected and is watching over us.

That is the moment grief becomes self-pity.

Why me? Why us? Why? Why? Why?

But realizing that we can’t keep feeling sorry for ourselves, or especially have people feel sorry for us – does more harm than good.

So again Thank You for all the thoughts and prayers, but no more negativity or tears… please…

No one will love or miss Adriana more than us… but we will continue to eat, sleep, smile, laugh and live to honor her.

We are now faced with a great responsibility to honor and make her proud everyday… 

We will be with her again once our time on earth is up…

But until we meet again… life has to go on…


We are blessed and Thank God every day that this angel entered our lives, even though her time was so short.. she made us better people. She made the world a better place.

Thank you Adriana. We love you so much.




Super Mama Lebanon

Mom of 3
Living in Beirut, Lebanon

2 thoughts on “What “Life Goes On” really means….

  • January 25, 2017 at 2:55 pm



    Love you Yasmina, you’re right and that’s why your blog is called Super Mama! <3

  • January 25, 2017 at 7:42 pm



    I don’t know you, but I do love you and feel every single word you say. We accept with head high what’s meant to be. Kisses.

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